Open Source ASP.NET Ajax Polls (for Umbraco and any ASP.NET 4.0 Web Application/Site)

by Indra 15. November 2011 00:10

Our company MAP Teams released Polls widget for Umbraco 4.7 at MapTeams Umbraco Polls Package. This project can be implemented in any ASP.NET Web Application/Site, not just Umbraco.

Source code available at

This project is an extension from ClientSideAsp's Polls project. Thank you Ansar for sharing your project.

Selling point for this release:

  • Mustache Logicless Templating Engine for server side and client side. Reduce code duplication - easily change your html layout in one place without re-compiling.
  • Umbraco Package Automation using Ruby Rake. Want to extend our polls features for Umbraco? Just modify the code, run the build script to create your own package. 

Why Mustache/Nustache? Well at this time Templating Engine from Microsoft and jQuery was cancelled; researching the alternatives, I found that Mustache templating is implemented in many languages.

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