SVN Revision Labeller Does Not Work With CruiseControl.NET Beta 1.6

by Indra 19. January 2011 05:53

It's time to upgrade our Continuous Integration platform; I am updating CCNET 1.5 to CCNET 1.6 beta. Configuration Preprocessor with Conditional logic is awesome, I can refactor our distributed build system better with this.

The first error message I got after running the beta version:


[CCNet Server:ERROR] INTERNAL ERROR: Could not evaluate expression 'major}.{mino r}.{build}.{revision'
Reason: Syntax error

The svnrevisionlabeller plugin from is not compatible with CCNET beta 1.6.

My quick fix is to edit and recompile the SVN Revision Labeller plugin. You can download the compiled dll here: (4.89 kb) and copy to the CCNET installation folder (WARNING! you must change the labeller pattern using '(' and ')' instead of '{' and '}' ).
or follow my steps to recompile:

  • 1. Download the labeller plugin source code.
  • 2. Copy 2 dlls from CCNET 1.6 installation folder to source code's Lib folder :
    • ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.dll
    • ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Remote.dll
  • 3. Change the regex pattern from { } to ( ) . you can use other pattern. 
    Where to edit the regex token
  • 4. Change your Labeller section in CCNET configuration to use the new token.

This is just my own solution; I haven't contacted the developer for this plugin.

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